Jack Melvin for Judge


Jack Melvin has spent his life serving his country, state and community.

"Jack Melvin's proud military service and values truly set him apart. He has demonstrated a commitment to serve through three overseas tours of duty, he respects the rule of law, and he has broad legal experience. He will make an outstanding judge for the people of Waukesha County.” ~ Governor Scott Walker


Dear Neighbor,

“A will to serve,” it’s a powerful statement.  There are those that wait to seek the approval of others to serve, and there are those that heed the call choosing not to wait.

I’m Jack Melvin and a little under fourteen years ago my will to serve led me on a journey that would take me across the globe as a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard. 

After 35 months spent overseas defending our country often in combat zones, I returned with a renewed appreciation for the Rule of Law.  I’ve served to protect the life and liberty we enjoy, and have experienced first-hand the importance of the pursuit of justice.

Like my fellow veterans, I take great pride in approaching service as a lifelong commitment and an unrelenting duty.  In the spring of 2018, I hope to earn your support so I can serve as your Waukesha Circuit Court Judge, Branch 12.


Jack Melvin

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