I am pleased to have earned the trust of countless people from across Waukesha County and around the state.  Be it elected officials, judicial leaders, business leaders, conservative thought leaders and citizens of our great county, the demand is simple, "We need conservative, rule of law judges like Jack Melvin that will put the needs of law abiding citizens first, and not repeat offenders."


Current & Former Elected Officials:

Governor Scott Walker:

"Jack Melvin's proud military service and values truly set him apart. He has demonstrated a commitment to serve through three overseas tours of duty, he respects the rule of law, and he has broad legal experience. He will make an outstanding judge for the people of Waukesha County.”



Majority Leader, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald

Joint Finance Co-Chair, Sen. Alberta Darling

 “The laws we write are only as good as the judges charged with applying them.  We trust Jack Melvin will apply, and not interpret the laws, serving Waukesha County as a true rule of law judge.  Jack Melvin’s conservative credentials are proven, as a veteran Jack understands public service and on the bench Jack will protect Waukesha’s law abiding citizens and not repeat offenders.”

--Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Senator and Co-Chair of the Finance Committee Alberta DarlingSens. Fitzgerald and Darling represent significant portions of Waukesha County.


Governor Tommy G. Thompson

Sen. Steve Nass (R-11th SD/Western Waukesha County) 

Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-38th AD/Oconomowoc)

Rep. Adam Neylon (R-98th AD/Waukesha)

Rep. Chuck Wichgers (R-83rd AD/Muskego)

Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (R-15th AD/New Berlin)


Former & Current Judges:

Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (ret.)

Judge Mark Gundrum (Appeals Court)

Judge Michael Aprahamian (Waukesha County)

Judge Maria Lazar (Waukesha County)

Judge Michael Maxwell (Waukesha County)

Judge James Daley (Rock County)

(please revisit for future upcoming announcements)


Prominent Community Members:

Candee Arndt

David Bahl

William Barry

Pam Bielawski

Wally Bohrer

Jacqueline Brothwick 

Terry Dittrich

David & Maria Guajardo

Gary Glojek (Atty. & Judge)

Jerry Gonzalez 

Hoss Harris

May Ann Hanson

Mike Heyer

Thomas Hofbauer (Atty.)

Glenn (Steve) Kaminsky (Atty.)

James Klauser (Atty.)

Steve Knudson (Atty.)

Joe & Jennifer Kresi

Eugene LaFlamme (Atty.)

Vincent Llewelyn

John Macy (Atty.)

Jack & Gloria Melvin

Greg Gracz

Chris Miller (Atty.)

Matt Moroney (Atty.)

Maureen Morris

Scott Neitzel

Jeffrey Noard

Vicky Ostry

Cyndi Raabe

Zeus Rodriguez

Matt Rosek (Alderman, Oconomowoc)

Brandon Rosner

Angela Sampson

John Schulze

Tim Sheridan

Ted Skelton

Sarah Stecker

Jim Stein

Tom Strey (Alderman, Oconomowoc)

Phil Theisfield (Atty.)

John (J.D.) Tripoli (Atty.)

Jim Villa

Gary Wickert (Atty.)

Dayton Young

Rich Zipperer (Atty.)

(due to growing support, the list of, "Prominent Community Members" supporting Jack Melvin is continually updated, please check back)